The wooden candy cart is the most special and the most versatile in our standard range.

It is designed for multiple uses especially for events, within the uses that you can give to the wooden cart, they can be: candy bar cart, to put wedding gifts, lemonade, mojitos, and everything you can think of.

Manufactured with lacquered steel and pinewood structure, autoclaved and semi-nautical varnish primer, which gives it water-repellent characteristics.
It consists of a patented removable awning, with 2 different aesthetics, one with black finishes and wooden roof, and with white finishes and fabric awning, with several shades of color to choose, depending on the type of event or the style you want give: blue, pink, printed awning ...

It has 2 high wheels of 26 inches (2.54 cm in diameter) and 2 legs with non-slip polymer termination.

Includes: 10 types of products or jelly beans.

Wooden candy trolleys without personnel or raw material, with collection and delivery at our facilities: € 80.
Wooden cart with raw material included and personal. € 180.
We also have the option to sell.

1 251,14€

Beautiful cart for sale of sweets, sweets and candies, ideal for children's parties.

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