Carrito Frutas y Zumos

Fruits and Juices Carts

1 121,67€

A special cart to take vitamins and refresh. The juices and fruits cart is equipped with a food tray to place a chipped ice layer to keep cut fruit during long time, without loosing freshness and properties.


Fruits and juices cart has got a wide space over the steel counter, to add according to the client tastes, specific devices to make juices and milk shakes, besides cutting and peeling vegetables.

Its measures are 110 x 70 x 220 cm. The interior has a wide storage space, having the possibility of adding extra fridges with small dimensions to preserve raw material and ice, apart from keeping all the necessary tools to its use. The colourful and tropical design will attract passers by and clients' attention.

Altura :220 cm
Anchura :110 cm
Profundidad :70 cm

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