1 030,14€

The hotdog cart is specially designed to boost events, for wedding venues, for street sales in nightclubs and endless other uses. For more than € 1000, your business on wheels!

1 130,14€

The Hot Dog Essential cart with the characteristic American labeling of stripes and central logo, next to a water bath and a folding table, has everything you need to energize any party or event.

1 378,19€

Hot Dog Premium Cart offers the maximum performance without renouncing the most economic price. It gives the reliability of a product tested during years, so we know that it works.

1 493,14€

Crepes Premium Cart is always an interesting bet, whether you work in events or if you want to have your own mobile business. Offer your clients a delicious product for sweet and salty lovers.

2 590,61€

Inspired in American stalls, the American food cart has been created for fast food sale in the purest American style: hot dog and burguers.

3 058,88€

The special option for sweet tooth people. This ice creams and crepes cart is perfect to be the complement in cafeteria terraces, shopping centres, parks, etc. The best of this model is that it...

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