Special Carts respond to the specific needs of customers looking for a more complete cart and do not want to limit themselves to the sale of a single product. Due to the need to implement more machinery, special trolleys owe their name because their size exceeds that of standard trolleys, finding us with 150 cm, 170 cm and up to 200 cm carts. We have Ice Cream and Crepes Cart, Fruit and Juice Cart, and Amerian Food Cart.

The Special Carts are equipped with a more reinforced internal structure, to ensure that the extra weight will not make our cart suffer. In this category you can find the most complete and original carts.

2 590,61€

Inspired in American stalls, the American food cart has been created for fast food sale in the purest American style: hot dog and burguers.

2 654,74€

Complete cart with sink and and incorporated stainless steel tap with a 110 cm cover.

3 058,88€

The special option for sweet tooth people. This ice creams and crepes cart is perfect to be the complement in cafeteria terraces, shopping centres, parks, etc. The best of this model is that it...

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