Carrito Helados y Crepes

Ice Creams and Crepes Cart

3 058,88€

The special option for sweet tooth people. This ice creams and crepes cart is perfect to be the complement in cafeteria terraces, shopping centres, parks, etc. The best of this model is that it allows you to sell ice creams not only in summer, but also along the year. Two carts within one.


It is a professional freezer cabinet with a counter in its side. This counter has the crepe machine embedded and 3 stainless steel containers for ingredients. Besides, it has a methacrylate protection in the freezer cabinet area, to insulate the ice cream area, and a comfortable folding table as an extra working surface, which can be closed at the end of the day, without occupying more space than necessary.

Its funny aesthetic will attract young and old people, because, who can remain impassive facing such an irresistible dessert?

Altura :230 cm
Anchura :170 cm
Profundidad :71 cm