Carrito Crepes Estandar Premium

Crepes Premium Cart

1 493,14€

Crepes Premium Cart is always an interesting bet, whether you work in events or if you want to have your own mobile business. Offer your clients a delicious product for sweet and salty lovers.


As all our carts, it has a tough steel enamel structure, lacquered with the best 2-componet paint in the market with oven-drying method. This structure has a lacquered steel enamel sheet. The stainless steel counter is completely suitable for food use. It has got 2 embedded professional crepe makers, 1000w each, and food trays of 6,29 x 6,69 inches, perfect to be filled with cut fruit, dried fruits and other toppings.

The awning is completely removable, which allows an easier storage and its system has been tested to withstand moderate wind. The fabric is brown sailcloth with a very straight and smart cut.

It has got 2 castor wheels with brake and two big 20 inches wheels.

Anti UV treatment polymeric vinyl coating, with a funny and colourful style.

Crepes Premium Cart has got a folding table to widen the working area, without expandind the cart dimensions. As soon as you finish, it is folded without harming the cart occupied by the cart.

Altura :220 cm
Anchura :110 cm
Profundidad :70 cm