Carrito de madera Essential

Essential Wooden Cart


The handcrafted wooden cart is the most special and versatile within our standard range.

It has been thought for multiple uses, particularly events: as a candy bar, to place wedding, baptism, communion, birthday presents, as a lemonade cart and everything you can imagine.


Made with steel enamel structure and pinewood treated with autoclave and sailing semi-matt varnish primer, what gives it hydrophobic characteristics.

It has a patented removable awning, with fabric COLOUR TO BE CHOSEN among our range of plain or printed awnings.

It has got 2 high wheels – 26 inches (it has a diameter of 1 inch) and 2 supporting feet with non-sliping polymer finishing.

The estructure of the cart may be white or black.

Altura :222 cm
Anchura :70 cm
Profundidad :130 cm