Carrito Madera Estandar Premium

Premium Wooden Cart


The wooden cart is the most special and versatile of our standard range. It is the perfect tool for weddings, communions, birthdays, etc. You can introduce it as a candy cart, use it for placing presents or you can serve lemonade, mojito, milk shakes, etc.


It is made of pinewood with a damp-proofing treatment, primed with sailing semi-matt varnish, embedded in a steel enamel metal structure. It is completely hydrophobic.

It has a detachable patented awning, with sailcloth fabric with waves. It has 2 26 inches high wheels (1 inch diameter) and 2 non-slip polymer legs.

To be more complete, the PREMIUM wooden cart has 2 awnings to choose depending on the use you want to, and 2 glass dispenser pots, with 8l capacity each to allow you to serve drinks as well.

Altura :222 cm
Anchura :130 cm
Profundidad :70 cm