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Promo Premium Cart

1 093,84€

Many great companies have turned to this new marketing tool to promote a product, service, attend sample fairs or big crowdy events, etc. Premium Promo Cart is ideal to attract clients and show them your product and service.


Made with an enameled sheet layer over a steel structure painted with the most tough paints of the market and dried in a painting booth. The white sheet counter allows a 30,31 inches work surface. Promo Premium Cart measures are 43,30 x 27,55 x 86,61 inches.

The awning is completely detachable, which allows to store the cart, occupying less space and its patented system has been tested with wind. The fabric is black sailcloth without waves, with a sober, straight and smart cut. A colour that combines with any design. It has got 2 castor wheels with brake and 2 high resistence radiated wheels with super-strong vertical axis.

Due to the fact that it has been thought for advertising and promotional campaigns, the design must be given by the client, but the price includes an integral labeling of the 3 sides of the cart and a front serigraphy in the awning flounce.

Altura :220 cm
Anchura :110 cm
Profundidad :70 cm