In this section you can find a wide range of accessories and complements for our Standard Carts, Special Carts or Customized Carts. If you need spare parts, you want to add some complement, or replace machinery, this is where you can find what is necessary. From fabrics to change the style of your awning, renovation structures, wheels and machinery so you can use the cart as, where and for what you want.

The accessories you can buy are: ingredient tray, deep fryer, crepe maker, waffle maker, sweet cotton machine, freezer, iron, grill, water bath machine, 38 liter fridge, 88 liter fridge, popcorn machine, bucket Ingredients, LED lights, methacrylate separator, ice cream bucket structure, folding table, axle wheels, swivel wheels, and radiated wheels.


Aluminun handle, lacquered ending, available several colours. 2 screws or rivets assembly.


It has been specially designed to storage ingredients or smoothies.


Change the aspect of your cart or renew your awning for very little money. Made of sailcloth, with a composition of 70% cotton, 30% polyester and a weight of 220 gr/m2


Ideal tank to storage medium size raw products, such as hot dogs, vegetables, sweets, ice creams, etc.


Rolling wheels with brake: wheel with double-action brake device. Complete and simultaneous lock of wheel spin and support axial turn.


Tank specially design to storage ingredients or smoothies. With a cover to preserve raw materials from external agents.


12'' pneumatic wheel made of 6 natural polyamide. The unique deep groove rolling bearings NSK are the most common type of roller bearing.


Led lighting for the ceiling: 60 cm length warm lighting. With a kit to assemble it in the awning of the cart.


With this wheel we will be able to give our cart the typical appearance of classical lunch stalls.


Change the aspect of your cart or renew your awning for very little money. Made of sailcloth, with a composition of 70% cotton/30% polyester and a weight of 220gr/m2


Ideal tank to storage medium raw material, such as hot dogs, vegetables, sweets, ice creams, etc. With cover to preserve raw material from external agents.


This type of wheel offers our cart, not only a more classical appearance, but allows us a better handling and resistance in the travelling in any type of terrain.  


4 litres teel enamel proffesional fryer de 4 litros with a power of 2,2 kw. It is perfect to offer other products in your cart, such as French fries, fritters, etc...


Change your cart look or renew your awning and apron for a very low cost. Check availability of colours and patterns.


Folding table made of melamine, white laminated, 60 x 65 cm. Widen the working surface of your cart with a folding table which does not occupy extra space.


Professional non-stick electrical grill to make burguers, grilled meat and vegetables. It is the perfect supplement to become your hot dog cart into a mixed one, including burguers.


Removable structure made of lacquered steel, easy to be assembled and moved


Methacrylate protector: standard methacrylate protector with 'U' form and 5 mm thickness.


30 cm non-stick professional electrical crepe machine, perfect to make sweet and salty crepes in your cart. Check other available models.


Magnetized logo to stick in the frontal area of your cart, being possible to change the image so that you can give the same cart different uses.


Custom-made structure for a freezer cabinet with steel enamel 10 buckets (5 big and 5 small ones) Measures 86,5 cm (length) 49 cm. (wide)


The lacquered red stainless steel pop corn machine, has a production capacity of 5 kg per hour in 2 minutes cycle. It has a power of 1350w to 220w and the dimensions are 95x18,89x156 inches, and it...


Steel enamel electric double boiler. It has three food containers with cover of 3,8 litres in each container. Total measures: 640x400x310 cm. Adjustable temperature between 65ºc - 95ºc.


38 litres electric fridge, perfect to keep the ingredients that you use in your cart: vegetables, sauces, doughs, etc.


88 litres electric fridge. This fridge is the ideal component for keeping drinks. Get the most out of your cart selling extra products.


2000 W. professional electrical waffer machine. Professional waffer machine heats fast and it is a enameled melted iron plate. Capacity for two waffers, temperature maintained and very easy to be...


Metallic structure cage to transport carts with ramp.


1800 W electric grill, perfect for meat, sandwhiches and grill products in general. The perfect complement for your cart.


Freezer cabinet, special for ice cream carts, with standardized measures to include all the complements of our catalogue.

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