Carrito Crepes Essential

Essential Crepes Cart

1 124,09€

The Crepes Cart is very versatile, since you can offer your clients sweet food as well as salty one. Sweet crepes with syrups and fruits or salty with sausages, spreads, etc. A small and smart mobile catering for less than 1200€.


Essential Crepes Cart has a steel enamel structure lacquered with high resistance 2-component paint, covered by a lacquered steel sheet. The stainless steel counter has got an embedded professional crepes machine with a capacity of 1000w.

Measures 43,30 x 27,55 x 86,61 inches.

The awning is completely removable, which allows an easier storage and its system has been tested to withstand moderate wind. The fabric is brown sailcloth without waves, with a smart straight cut.

It has got 2 castor wheels with brake and two pneumatic wheels.

Labelled with a funny colorful design.

Altura :220 cm
Anchura :70 cm
Profundidad :110 cm
Peso :50 Kg aprox.