The Hot Dog cart is specially designed to boost events, for snacks, wedding recesses, communions, and parties of all kinds.

The Hot Dog Cart has a lacquered steel structure with high-resistance enamelled double-component paint, coated with enameled steel sheet. The stainless steel counter has a 3-compartment water bath with a power of 1300 w. Vinyl vintage design with the traditional aesthetic of American Hot Dog.

1 030,14€

The hotdog cart is specially designed to boost events, for wedding venues, for street sales in nightclubs and endless other uses. For more than € 1000, your business on wheels!

1 130,14€

The Hot Dog Essential cart with the characteristic American labeling of stripes and central logo, next to a water bath and a folding table, has everything you need to energize any party or event.

1 378,19€

Hot Dog Premium Cart offers the maximum performance without renouncing the most economic price. It gives the reliability of a product tested during years, so we know that it works.

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