Carrito Hot Dogs Basic

Basic Hot Dog Cart

1 030,14€

The hotdog cart is specially designed to boost events, for wedding venues, for street sales in nightclubs and endless other uses. For more than € 1000, your business on wheels!


The Hot Dogs Basic Cart, has a lacquered steel structure with high strength enamelled double component paint, coated with enameled steel sheet. The stainless steel counter has a 3-compartment water bath with a power of 1300 w.

The awning is completely removable, which allows easier storage, and its system is tested to withstand the wind. The fabric is white and red striped canvas with waves.

It has 2 swivel castors with brake and two pneumatic wheels that are proof of irregular surfaces.

Vinyl with the traditional aesthetic of American hotdog.

Altura :220 cm
Anchura :70 cm
Profundidad :110 cm
Peso :50 kg aprox.