Carrito Hot Dogs Estandar Premium

Hot Dog Premium Cart

1 378,19€

Hot Dog Premium Cart offers the maximum performance without renouncing the most economic price. It gives the reliability of a product tested during years, so we know that it works.


With a steel enamel structure lacquered with high resistance 2-component paint, covered by a steel enamel sheet. The stainless steel counter has got an embedded double boiler with 3 compartments with a capacity of 1300w.

The awning is completely removable, with an aerodynamic design which has been tested to strong winds. The fabric is wavy white and red stripes sailcloth and the sheet is vinyl with the traditional American hot dog look.

It has got 2 castor wheels with brake and two big 20 inches wheels, that provide the cart a more classical look.

Besides, it includes a folding table and 3 embedded bowls for ingredients. This is a very comfortable solution that allows you to have all material in your work area instead of different containers that may turn over or difficult your work.

Altura :220 cm
Anchura :110 cm
Profundidad :70 cm
Peso :55 Kg