Carrito de Helados Essential

Essential Ice Cream Cart

1 203,95€

From a promenade to the door of a restaurant, offering freeze products has never been so easy and cheap.


Our ice cream cart has been built up  based on an upmarket freezer cabinet covered by a high resistence steel enamel 2-component lacquered paint structure. The awning is completely removable, which allows an easier storage.

The fabric of Essential Ice Cream Cart is white and yellow stripes sailcloth with beautiful waves. Besides, it has got a folding table to widen the working surface. A space to place tools or any thing you need. The striking labeling is a mixture of the aesthetic of old ice cream carts and a modern and colourful design.

It is equipped with 2 20 inches pneumatic wheels and 2 castor wheels with brake.

Peso :65 Kg