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Golden Ice Cream Cart

1 744,15€

With the Golden Ice Cream Cart you can offer ice cream easily and economically. The Ice Cream Cart has a retro and modern design at the same time, its easy handling will keep you on the front line. It is the perfect complement to your hospitality business or, your business by itself.


The ice cream cart consists of a high-end freezer chest covered by a white lacquered steel structure with double-glazed composite paint, high strength. It has an internal structure to place the ice cream buckets so that it is comfortable to use. As an extra element it carries a sheet that covers the entire structure of the car, hiding the freezer chest.

The awning is completely disassembled for better storage. The awning fabric is customizable in special and labeled color, which recalls the aesthetics of the old ice cream carts. It also has two folding tables to expand the work surface. A place to place cones, instruments or anything you need. The striking labeling of this cart mixes an aesthetic of an old ice cream cart with a modern design and bright colors.

For best handling, it has 2 swivel castors with brake and 2 20-inch radiated wheels installed.

Altura :2,3 metros
Anchura :1,13 metros
Profundidad :0,71 metros