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Lacquered red stainless steel pop corn machine, with a performance production of 5kg/hour of pop corn (in 2 minutes cicles). Power 1350w to 220w and a dimensions of 95x48x156 cm, with a glass door....


With this wheel we will be able to give our cart the typical appearance of classical lunch stalls.


Cotton candy machine with cart and tough methacrylate dome. Pink lacquered stainless steel cotton candy machine, with the following dimensions: 98 x 54 x 125 cm. It has a stainless steel tank of 52...


Magnetized logo to stick in the frontal area of your cart, being possible to change the image so that you can give the same cart different uses.


Methacrylate protector: standard methacrylate protector with 'U' form and 5 mm thickness.

1 530,65€

Premium Ice Cream Cart allows you to offer ice creams easily and economically. It has a retro but modern design, its easy handling will keep you in the first-rate position. It is the perfect...


The handcrafted wooden cart is the most special and versatile within our standard range. It has been thought for multiple uses, particularly events: as a candy bar, to place wedding, baptism,...

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items