Carrito Bassic

Basic Cart


Your Basic Cart is for everything for very little money. We present you a very cheap cart, that may be a blank canvas for your ideas. As it is not customized, you can use it for any purpose, stands for fairs and markets, hotdog and burguer carts, pancakes, candies and much more…


Its meassures 43.30 x 27.55 x 86.61 inch, with steel base structure, that confers high resistance, lacquered with the best double-component paint of the market and oven drying. This structure has got a coating and a steel enamel sheet counter. The finishings are white, perfect to be personalized.

The awning may be in one of the 6 colours of our standard range of colours: White and green stripes, white and red stripes, white and yellow stripes, white and blue stripes, plain black or plain white, with straight or waveform fall.

To its handling it has 2 handles in one side, 2 high resistance pneumatic tyres and 2 supporting feet.

Carrito Basic
Altura :220 cm
Anchura :110 cm
Profundidad :70 cm
Peso :50 Kg