Arcón congelador 100W de potencia

Freezer cabinet with a power of 100W


Freezer cabinet, special for ice cream carts, with standardized measures to include all the complements of our catalogue.



Freezer cabinet with a power of 100W and an average consumption of 1,65kWh/24h. Temperature of -24ºC/-16ºC.

It has two sliding doors in the glass cover, to see the amount and quality of our products all time. Besides, it has an automatic thermostat to give stability to inside temperature independently of the outside weather conditions, since you can fix temperature thanks to its analogic thermometer placed in its outer part.

External measures: 918x673x1042 mm.

Internal measures: 681x513x882 mm.

Altura :918 mm
Anchura :1042 mm
Profundidad :673 mm