Plancha eléctrica profesional para cocina

Professional electrical grill for cooking


Professional non-stick electrical grill to make burguers, grilled meat and vegetables. It is the perfect supplement to become your hot dog cart into a mixed one, including burguers.



The professional grill is very lightweight and easy to be cleaned (it may also be cleaned into the dishwasher). The coating prevents food from sticking. The grill is perfect to make healthy food, with less oil, avoiding stick food in the cooking surface.

It is fast to provide a wide production, thanks to its 2150w power, its uniform heat in its cooking surface (45 x 25 cm) made of aluminum of 2,5 cm thickness.

Altura :8,5 cm
Anchura :62 cm
Profundidad :25 cm
Peso :2,15 kg
Voltaje :220–240 V/50 Hz
Potencia :2150 W