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The origin of Popcorn

Popcorn has already become, without a doubt, the most famous snack, recognized and consumed across the planet. The extreme simplicity in its preparation, its pleasant taste and texture, and the various options to consume, make it the perfect companion for any event or event. And is that either with butter, sugar, caramel ... or simply with oil and salt, anyway ... how rich they are!

However, what not so many people know about popcorn (or popcorns in English) is that its human consumption dates back several millennia.

History of Popcorn

The popcorn that we know, and that we consume at home or in cinemas, is mainly due to the creation of the Popcorn Machine by the American inventor Charles Cretors in 1885. But the origin of its consumption dates back to 9000 years ago, nothing more and nothing less.

Máquina de palomitas de maíz de Charles Cretors

And it was the civilizations and peoples of pre-Hispanic America who used a very specific type of corn, the pisingallo corn, to make popcorn. In different caves under present-day Mexico City, popcorn remains from more than 3600 years before our era have been found.

The consumption of popcorn was not only strictly limited as food, but was also used to make beer and as decorative elements. Fray Bernardino de Sahagún collects how the Aztecs received the first Spaniards with garlands made with popcorn.

The Aztecs (or Mexica) called popcorn momochitl and were used as ornaments for the ceremonies of the rain god Tlaloc. Corn was so important for the Mexican people that it was always represented by the goddess of agriculture Chicomecóatl. They used clay pots with a bottom of vegetable oil on very hot sand to prepare them.

Diosa Chicomecóatl con mazorcas de maíz

It was through subsequent contact with the Spaniards that popcorn passed to Europe, and began to be known as food. However, it would not be until the creation of the Popcorn Machine patent when this snack was spread among the population, first American, and then worldwide.

Nowadays popcorn is one of the most consumed products in the world, thanks to the very diverse and simple ways to prepare them. Through the microwave, pots, or simply with the traditional popcorn machine, we can enjoy this tasty snack that adults and children like.

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