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A cart as a marketing tool

It is easy to think of an Ice Cream Cart when we want to sell ice cream, or of a Hot Dog when our intention is to sell hot dogs, but what use can be given to a Promo Cart ?. When you have a company, the worst mistake you can make is to get stuck. Today's market mobility forces you to stay updated and sensitive to new trends. The cycles of consumption have been shortened a lot and consumers, more trained and informed, are more demanding. It is absurd to think that you can do the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Innovation is an essential tool, not only to grow, but to ensure subsistence. And the courage to innovate must be part of the internal culture of the company and must be transmitted to all departments.

Carrito promocional

Some companies have seen in the product "cart" a very original way of promoting advertising and marketing initiatives, beyond the traditional use of the food cart itself.

We refer to the Promo Cart, a cart specially designed for these diverse uses.

The sports and casual fashion company Sportown has positioned itself as a benchmark in the world of sports shoes since they opened their first store in Madrid in 2009. As a complement to their main product (sports shoes), they launched a parallel product, a cleaner or "Sneakers Cleaning", for which they chose a cart as a marketing tool, in addition to promotional videos and live demonstrations in the store.

Carritos promocionales Sneakers Cleaning

Currently the brand is a growing business model for initiatives of this type.