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The origin of Hot Dog Carts

How it arises

At the end of the 19th century, after the end of the War of Secession in the United States, and the economic consolidation of the country, waves of emigrants from various parts of Europe arrived in America seeking the American dream; Among this migrant population, the one that came from Germany stood out. These were not easy times for those people (no time has been easy for any emigrant), so these immigrants had to manage to survive and, one of the ideas that began to work was the preparation and sale of their traditional Frankfurt-type sausages.

The easy recipe for a sausage between two loaves quickly became popular among the busiest streets of New York and Chicago. It was then that a young butcher who loved restoration, called Charles Feltman, realized that if customers moved to the stalls to taste that simple dish, he could transport that delicacy to the customers.

And so he did, he placed an oven in a car and started doing business on the beaches of Coney Island. A few years later he began to build an empire, where he hired Nathan Handwerker, of Polish origin. This employee worked hard, saving enough money to open his own hot dog business, starting an aggressive competition against Feltman.

Handweker strongly believed that this product would have the same success throughout the United States. So he decided to take a risk and create a series of establishments throughout the country, and success took a very short time to arrive; Its flavor, ease of eating and low price, convinced all American citizens. This success gave him wealth and allowed him to consolidate and expand his chain, Nathan’s Famous, which still stands today.

Origin of Hot Dog carts

Name's origin

There are several theories about the curious name for this succulent food, Hot Dog. From the humorous urban legend in which it was said that the meat of the Frankfurt sausages consisted of dog meat, to the fact that the German migrants brought not only their traditional sausages, but also the dachshund, small body dogs elongate.

However, the truth is that the name began to become popular after cartoonist Tad Dorgan, who made drawings for the New York Evening Journal, watched the hot sausage vendors during a baseball game and decided to literally draw a Dachshund on a bread being sold in a food cart.

Hot Dog


After more than a century in operation, hot dog carts continue their journey around the world, not only as a business in itself, but also as a complement to various companies: restaurants, franchises, catering, ...

Today, the recipe has evolved widely, adapting to the region and culture of each country, but also to the current pace of life; We can find organic, vegetarian or vegan puppies. In this way, since hot dogs and street carts go hand in hand from the beginning, the rolling stands have also adapted to new needs and trends.

Vegan Hot Dog