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New Reality in Restaurants and Bars

Terraza mascarillas bar coronavirus covid19

The appearance of the Covid19 coronavirus in our lives has been a severe social and economic blow. A negative framework but forced by the circumstances that forced a very hard confinement that, it must be said with moderate satisfaction, has saved many lives, and that is the main value above any other.

But the confinement and the state of alarm is already ending. All the territories have begun a progressive de-escalation, the final horizon of which can be seen in a few weeks. Social life has returned, the economic pulse is resumed, shops, shopping malls and hospitality shops reopen. It takes up the idea of celebrating again, in intimacy, in the family, among friends: events, parties, meetings... Life comes back, anyway.

New situation

The health recommendations derived from the current moment, oblige hotel establishments to comply with a series of security measures, to guarantee the comfort and prevention of customers. Measures that generally lead to hospitality establishments having to make the most of and benefit from outdoor spaces, terraces and night tables. Until the threat of the Virus disappears (Vaccine come soon ...) we will not be able to use as we have been doing inside a bar or restaurant, since the interiors of the premises are more vulnerable to this threat.

The Revolution Take-Away

However, a great feature that the pandemic era has brought us is the generalization of the Take-Away, or the collection of food from the premises. This has been a very important relief for bars and restaurants during the tough period of confinement, as it enabled it, once it started to rise, to allow citizens to collect food and take it home.

Carrito Gran Ola

New Initiatives for Post-Confinement

We are therefore clear that exterior and food collection (take-away) are going to be the main assets of hospitality establishments in the coming months. It is therefore essential to attract customers with innovative and colorful initiatives that guarantee their safety and have a positive impact on the business.

Something as colorful as a cart can be a very interesting solution for business. The trolley is perfect for outdoor use, as it can be used as an external auxiliary bar, very comfortable and accessible for employees and customers, and which gives perfect visibility for the business image.

It is also a food collection point very well adapted to maintain security, because with our cart we prevent the client from entering the establishment, being able to collect the food from the same cart: accessible, comfortable, pleasant, colorful and economical.

So it is time to innovate in the interesting post-confinement period. The Covid19 has changed everything, but not our desire to grow and improve.